Apply today to be among the first beta testers to try our new High-Performance Strategy Sessions.

Be more. Have more. Do more.

We're looking for eager business owners who would like to receive free consulting on high-performance strategy from experts who have been there and done that.

We will select 10 beta testers to help us refine the format of our one on one consultations...which will go for $200-$300 a pop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a good fit?
We're looking for 10 organizations that provide meaningful services and want to build thriving, sustainable businesses.

How will it work?
These free sessions will last for 20 minutes and will be conducted via Zoom. Have your pen and paper ready to take notes - we plan to offer a lot of value.

What you should expect:
We will look at where you are right now in your business, and identify what you need to do to pivot in the right direction.