How To Completely Change Your Pace


I can’t believe how far along we are in 2017. We are in the last stretch of Q3 already! Time has certainly flown by and there’s still so much to accomplish before the year is out. What are your plans and how will you tackle the remainder for the year?

For me, 2017 has been a “wild ride” of a year. We (hubby and I) launched The MJW Group, a blog, a Mastermind group, paid off more debt and began a new take on life. We now totally understand how life should function and have definitely taken on WAAAAAY more ownership than ever before. However, we still have Q4 to create and design the life that we want. I will say the only way we’ve been able to do this is changing our pace.

No, I’m not talking about walking faster … although, that would be better for me since I tend to walk slow, but I’m talking about changing the direction you’re headed towards. Let’s discuss what that involves. Think about where you want to go. What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? Who is holding you back? Could it be a mental block? Fear? More than likely, it’s one of these choices and I label it choice for a reason.

Now, you may think you aren’t choosing to stop and not proceed full steam ahead, but you are. You are deciding every move. Therefore, changing your pace is so important. Every day you have a choice to do or not to do. Don’t believe me? Let me explain this in simplest terms…If you don’t take out a full trash can in your kitchen, what will happen? You get my point now, huh? Exactly! We all have a choice to make. So, how do you make that choice?


During my pivot to an intentional life in 2017, I DECIDED what mattered to me the most. I have been a huge proponent of legacy and lifestyle. Once I started making a few daily changes, my pace totally changed. Some of those daily changes included creating non-negotiables with my time, leaving a full-time job to pursue my business, assigning the money I earn, and journaling. Journaling has helped the most because I truly believe when you write things down, they WILL manifest. Now, I have 3 journals that I’m writing in at once and 3 more on deck. Absolutely love my journals!


You get the point … I hope! To start changing your pace, you must decide what it is that you want to change towards. It relates to goal setting and being intentional, but it’s so much more than that. There’s an emotional component to take into consideration as well. Emotion will allow you to become more invested in your change of pace.

I would love to hear your plans on changing your pace. Hit reply and let me know your thoughts. We love providing strategy and coaching here at The MJW Group…reach out to us if you would like to setup a strategy session to discuss in more detail.

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