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My Experience With Goal Setting

Now is not the time to be afraid, but we must embrace goal setting. Most people shy away from it simply because it is huge! Goal setting is extremely meaningful and if used correctly, can provide lots of value.  Even though the word is only 4 letters, it’s like a huge punch to your face because either you meet them or you don’t. So, how can you make this better?

One of my favorite words to describe goal setting is intention. You must be intentional with setting goals because if you don’t, you’ll fall subject to what some call “shiny object syndrome.”  This happened to me in 2015 as I was just beginning to “own my life” as I call it. I identified goals that I wanted to accomplish at the time, but there was so much clutter surrounding my goals as I felt they didn’t align with me authentically. My goals included things like a new house, car, mattress, etc. In other words, it was all “shiny objects.” Those goals were not accomplished. I was not being intentional with my persona.  It really was a hot mess! Not until Feb 2017 did I attempt to perform goal setting again. I mean, the first time was horrible and quite frankly disappointing. However, like most entrepreneurs do, you dust yourself off and try again. So, let me tell you why it was different this time.

This time the stakes were higher. This time I had more to lose. This time was literally live or die … at least that’s how it felt. You see, 2015-2017 was a growing period for me.  And I grew a lot! I submersed myself in personal development in every way possible. I got a library card and checked out books in which I hadn’t done in over 10 years. I also checked out audiobooks and turned my car into “automobile university.”  What I realized was that I had so much more to learn about life, what I wanted, and who I wanted to become. So, here I was 30 yrs. old and back in school again. It was ALL on me this time! I gravitated to the teachings of Les Brown, John Maxwell, and Zig Ziglar, but there was one gentleman who really resonated with me. He spoke to me in ways that I listened ever so closely. Every ounce of time I could put headphones in were dedicated to his voice. His recordings. His videos. I just couldn’t get enough. When I first heard him say, “Write in your journal,” or “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” I was changed! You must know who I’m talking about at this point, right? None other than Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn became a mentor in my head. He spoke about goal setting quite often in his recordings years ago. It was because of him that I valued myself. I valued life, what I wanted, and who I wanted to become. It became very clear what my goals needed to be and a plan started to formulate in my mind. I set a personal, business, and health goal for myself and began to tack them one by one. I started with my health goal first as I wanted to get in the best shape of my life and maintain it. My personal goal consisted of becoming a better Jennifer to those around me. I became more vulnerable and opened myself up to receive as well as give. I consider myself a giver and sometimes it’s hard for me to receive from others. My business goal has been in progress of all of 2017. I told myself it was time. The MJW Group was born!

I share all of this with you in hope it will inspire you to set goals. As for me, I was not where I needed to be to set goals back in 2015, but grew into it. It was necessary to take a step back to progress forward. Now, I feel so much better about the value I bring to my life and others’ lives.  Give it a try! Intentionally put yourself in a vulnerable state to dig down deep on what you really want out of life and for yourself.

Keep me posted on your progress!

Always Essential,



How to know what you want in 5 easy steps

Seriously, why is this such a hard question to answer? This is something I struggle with all the time and maybe you do too. I truly believe it is the foundation for making decisions big or small though. Currently, I am transitioning to a business owner and while it is an exciting time in my life—it has not been an easy pivot.

Let me explain.

I can honestly say that I now have 12 years…. (like whoa!) of experience in corporate America and it wasn’t all peaches and cream, but I am truly thankful to have lived it. My experiences are now a part of me and going forward it’s my mission to continuously educate and inspire. I love when someone can show me how to dodge a bullet…don’t know about you? An inconsistency I noticed in corporate America through those years was the ability for people to make decisions no matter what level they are at. Not sure why that really is, but I boiled it down to “they don’t know what they want.” That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

I understand we all grow in different seasons and it may take someone longer to know what they want. For me…it took 2 years! 2015 was the season for me. It’s when the unicorns came by and dropped those golden nuggets. It’s when the mermaids came with the hidden treasure.  It’s when I realized, I wasn’t living up to my potential and things needed to change in my career and personal life. Here is where I was reborn again and started identifying goals to accomplish in my life.

That’s nice Jennifer, but how do I start?

Directions: read this very carefully and refer back to it again and again until it clicks because it may take some time.

Here are the steps that I recommend:

1.    Get out a blank sheet of paper and pen/pencil.

2.    Turn the sheet of paper vertically and on that sheet of paper draw a straight line down the middle.

3.    On the first column, label it “What I don’t want” and on the second column, label it “What I do want."

4.    Fill in both columns (this can be a combination of personal, career, family, financial goals or just one goal).

5.    Review these two columns every day until you come to a point of CLARITY on what you want.

Clear as mud? Yes, it's that simple. We tend to over think at times, but this shouldn't be one. I’m warning you that it may take some time for clarity to sink in, but you will KNOW what you want.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know if this exercise worked for you.

Always essential,