Streamlining of Products and Services


Manufacturing: Hot Melt Adhesive Melter

The Problem Definition

Improve the end users' satisfaction levels through improving product manufacturability, operating reliability, out-of-box readiness, and user experience.

Improvement Focus:

Review product design, assembly practices, manufacturability, testing success rates, and packaging requirements.


Achieved more than 60 percent product enhancement and redesign. The assembly process was improved through the removal of unnecessary components (e.g., fasteners) and work cell configuration optimization. Improvements to the functionality of the hot melt adhesive melter were achieved through improved dimensional analyses and form-fit-function enhancements of electrical and mechanical systems.

Utilization of standardization principles led to added benefits in successful undamaged products upon delivery. Review of in-house best practices led to improved test results of first pass yield. Increases in in-house confidence in product quality gravitated to the customer.

Ultimately, the need for scheduled global meetings between the client and their customer were no longer required due to exceeding their customer’s satisfaction levels.