Increased Operating Throughput


Manufacturing: Armored Cabling Process

The Problem Definition

Increase the operating throughput of the armored cables process by way of a first pass yield improvement.

Improvement Focus:

Review of the maintenance program, assistance tooling for production setups, raw material handling, in-process testing, and improved documentation for production run setups and troubleshooting.


First pass yield was increased from 60 percent to 96 percent. This improvement equated to over $800 thousand in operating and avoidance costs for the client.

A TPM program was established around the process area. This allowed the client to be better set up for success regarding equipment reliability.

There was a need for ensuring that each production run was set up with important aspects succh as axial alignment and unworn contact components. Prior to this effort, operators were not aligned with the best opportunities for success.

Focus was realigned to the "big picture," in which leadership was guided to strengthen its awareness to aspects of its infrastructure. In one case, a raw material inspection program was developed to ensure that process inputs became a priority of everyday operations.

Adequate documentation for on-time referencing was instituted at the point-of-use.