SAP APO Implementation


Consumer Goods: Business Office, Manufacturing Plant and Distribution Centers

The Problem Definition

Implement an add-on module of SAP to help the business to plan holistically across the supply chain, without disruption of current operations and on-time delivery to the customers.

Improvement Focus:

Documentation! The planning/manufacturing/warehouse teams involved in the implementation documented as much as they could before go-live. This included mapping from item to machine resource, manufacturing plant to distribution center and distribution center to customer.

Although tedious, this improved the way they worked, since documentation had previously been non-existent. It also aided in running the old/new system in parallel to ensure the master data was sound. 


Go-live was quite successful. All users involved in the project worked together to ensure the master data was accurate. There was minimal disruption to operations and to the customers getting their product on time. On-time delivery remained at 95 percent.